Drums, drumming, drummers...what can we say? These all reside at the core of Bobby's very being, and this is the section of the site where it's all about the drums!

The Gear

Bobby has played some very specialized kits through the years and his current set-up is no exception. In fact, it's defintely his most elaborate and innovative to date. In this section, Bobby takes you through every detail of the kit, and we even have an extensive diagram of the layout.


Drumming Q&A

Yet another writing project Bobby has been working on is a drumming Q & A book, inspired by the hundreds of questions that have been hurled in his direction during all of his years of doing workshops. Stay tuned for info on when this book will finally be ready. In the meantime, check out a sampling here:


Cyber Workshop

Still working on this one...

See & Hear Bobby in Action!

Our multimedia section has extensive audio and video clips available for free download. Watch video excerpts from "The Zen of Drumming" or from Bobby's personal tour archives. Listen to MP3 audio files from Bobby's solo releases.


The Zen of Drumming

Find out all you want to know about this critically-acclaimed DVD/Video, which represents Bobby's life's work as a drumming artist. This section includes detailed content info, media/consumer reviews and even a Zen of Drumming photo gallery.


And after you've had a chance to check out the Zen of Drumming, scope out some of Bobby's other drumming-related titles:


Encyclopedia of Groove

Bobby's landmark book/audio package takes you from basic reading and simple rock grooves to highly-advanced funk/fusion patterns. A chapter on fills and a music-minus-one play along section complete this work, which is supplemented with an accompanying audio program.


Metalmorphosis (video)

This state-of-the-art production focuses on Bobby's unique "melting pot" method of drumming fusing Rock, Funk, Rudimental and Latin concepts in an innovative approach to timekeeping and soloing. 90 minutes of blazing solos, detailed demonstrations and in-depth interview footage. A classic!


Metalmorphosis (book)

This 64-page manuscript can be used as a valuable study aid to the video or on its own as a complete, contemporary drum set method. Contains all examples demonstrated in the video plus plenty of supplementary exercises for each concept. "The ultimate practice room companion."



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