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Here are some book excerpts and blog links that deal with Bobby's various
health and fitness concepts. Most of these are preview excerpts from Bobby's
forthcoming book Muscles, Mangos and Meditation.

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Catch Bobby in a fascinating new documentary entitled, Voyage to Betterment. The film delves into nutrition, exercise, metaphysics and holistic healing as the viewer follows a group of participants on their "voyage" to a healthier lifestyle. Bobby is a featured expert in the film, along with Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. David Hawkins, Yogi Amrit Desai, Rabbi Frank Lorring, the late David Carradine, and more.

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This upcoming edition of Bobby's landmark Muscles, Mangos and Meditation covers all the bases like no other! This book is a step-by-step manifesto of how exercise, nutrition and the mind/body connection are all indispensible aspects of a lifestyle built around superior health and peak performance. Stay tuned right here for more excerpts and announcements!

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Check out excerpts from Bobby's upcoming book, Muscles, Mangos and Meditation HERE.
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