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For now... a few vids for you:.


Quick solo excerpt....
A YouTube staple...




A timbale-based solo that utilizes roughly 1/3
of Bobby's primary solo kit.




With Monster Circus, featuring Dee Snider, Rudy Sarzo,
Bruce Kulick, John Corabi, Dave Kushner, and Tony Montana




An incredible solo, on a "regular-sized" kit, from a recent
Rock Boot Camp
with Neil Zaza and bassist Doug Johns
(Annoying guitar buzzing ends after 30 seconds)


"The Octopus" - from The Zen of Drumming - a crazy
one-bar groove that utilizes 22 different sound sources.




Berklee College of Music clinic excerpt:
A little funk'fusion throwdown with bassist Bill Dickens...




Brief (but barbaric!) live solo excerpt from
The Zen of Drumming




On the health beat: Bobby breaks down his secret recipe for
the Superfoods Veggie Blend. Bon appetit!


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