Drum Vid Vault 2

Alphabet Drumming™ has been my magnificent obsession for a number of years now. It’s my way of combining drumming and writing, where I spell out various words or phrases in rhythm, creating a unique language of sounds. The process of Alphabet Drumming usually works like this: I’ll start jammin’ around with words, phrases, poetry, prose, or lyrics and then, hopefully, make something musical out of it.


Here’s a super simple example: Spelling out the word “DRUMMING” in a groove.


And from the other side of the kit, here's a little multi-voice improvisation where we keep a very basic kick/snare groove chugging along, while we integrate multi hats and cowbells.



On Dr. King’s birthday in 2020, I was doodling around in the practice room on my “Alpha” kit and started spelling out—in rhythm—the tail end of his infamous "I Have a Dream” speech. A year later, I finally posted it. Here it is.

Here are my original notes, scribbled on the back of some random index card:


A little pre-production vid—with experimental effects—from an upcoming project with LA-based director/videographer, Egon Blix


A quick snippet from the practice room. These kinds of vids were never meant to see the light of day... just logging riffs and exercises for my own personal archives. But some of these sound pretty cool, I think. Love all of those voices on the big kit...