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Bobby Rock... world-renowned drummer, author of seven books, speaker, entrepreneur, activist, and a recognized health and fitness specialist, with certifications in exercise, nutrition, and meditation.  He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, including Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Nelson, Slaughter, Rare Earth, Brett Garsed, Neil Zaza, Gary Hoey, Scrap Metal, Alcatrazz feat. Graham Bonnet. the Stu Hamm Band and Lita Ford.  He has also released several CDs and toured extensively as a solo performer, and is recognized as a top drumming educator. 
Additionally - through speaking, writing, and activism - Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes.
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Alphabet Drumming!

Inspired by his recent Zentauria experience, Bobby assigned a different letter of the alphabet to 26 of the 37 drums of his main solo kit, and has been working on a revolutionary new style of drumming where the kit becomes, in essence, a futuristic, rhythmic typewriter! What does it sound like to hear various words, sentences and phrases, in rhythm? Like nothing else! Be on the lookout for Bobby's latest CD, Zentauria:The Original Soundtrack.

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Shows with the legendary
Graham Bonnet and Alcatrazz

w/Alcatrazz in Katowice, Poland

Bobby's been doing some shows with Alcatrazz featuring Graham Bonnet, including a recent trek through Europe. Check out the following blog entries for the interesting overview:

Europe Blog pt. 1 - - Europe Blog pt. 2

Check out the Blog!

The Bobby Rock Blog is an excellent place to keep in touch with all of BR's current events, latest musings and book excerpts.

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Veganism is about living your life with such consciousness that every food or drink item you consume, every piece of clothing you wear, every consumer product you use and every non-exploitive social function you attend is literally a powerful act of kindness to an animal and a serious statement of reverence to the planet. In this way, veganism is the next logical step in our quest toward a more evolved, peaceful society.

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Here's a quick preview of a YouTube favorite, followed by a link to more vids. Enjoy!


To see more vids and hear more killer drumming, check out our multimedia section.

Bobby writes and speaks to diverse audiences on a wide range of subjects, including music and drumming, health and fitness, veganism, human sexuality, peak creative performance, metaphysics, philosophy, and humane education.

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Live Appearances!

Bobby has shows coming up with Lita Ford, bass great Stu Hamm, Alcatrazz feat. Graham Bonnet, and all-star rockers Scrap Metal. Click HERE for the updated schedule!
Bobby's Super-Food Chain Nutrition concepts, Rock-Solid Fitness method of exercise, and powerful Mega Mind/Body Connect tools, all lead the way to an animal and earth-friendly approach to superior health and wellness. Let Bobby show you how to eat like a rhino, meditate like a monk and train like the devil!
As a performer, solo artist and educator, Bobbys' music career has covered a lot of ground through the years. Check it out:

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