Alphabet Drumming


Over the last number of years, I’ve occasionally mentioned a very special and unique drumming concept—and the unusual monstrosity of a drum kit that the idea inspired—that I’ve basically been hoarding (and developing) in the isolation of the woodshed: Alphabet Drumming and the “Alpha Kit.” So now, it’s time to unveil it. I’ve decided to record The Boy Is Gonna Rock with all 40 drums of this mammoth set-up.

Beyond the 360 degree “freak show” aspect of the kit and, I suppose, the creatively twisted novelty of playing words or phrases in rhythm, this whole Alphabet Drumming thing, as well as the kit itself, sounds extremely musical and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Can’t wait for you guys to fully scope it.

But for now, let me post a few things here. Let's start with a quick "practice room vid" - of which there are probably hundreds - just so you can hear something. This is me spelling out - in rhythm - the tail end of MLK's infamous "I Have a Dream" speech, which I recorded on his b-day in 2020:

Here are my original notes, scribbled on the back of some random index card:

Here's a brief walk-around tour of the Alpha Kit. (And yes, that's my long-time drum tech Cubby on hand):

Keep checking back.... more vids and pics on the way.

* * * * * * * * * * * *