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BR Newsletter Archives


The Bobby Rock Newsletter #1 (2-3-2021) - To Begin Again...

  • Update on the Kick-Ass New Lita Ford Record

  • What in the Hell are Micro-Workouts?

  • Dragon Dirt Community - Featured Dirt-Drinker: Andrea Volpp (Quick Q&A)

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #2 (2-10-2021) - Behind the Curtain

  • New Book Preview - Will Drum For Food - "An Evening of Nunsense"

  • The Case for Audiobooks

  • Dragon Dirt Community - Down & Dirty Q&A: When is the best time of day to have a superfood smoothie?

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #3 (2-17-2021) - If These Drums Could Talk...

  • Musings: If These Drums Could Talk...

  • Three Life-Changing Nutritional Practices to Try Immediately

  • Dragon Dirt Community Featured Dirt-Drinker: Craig LeMay (Quick Q&A)

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #4 (2-24-2021) - Rock-Solid Routines

  • Four Factors in Creating YOUR Rock-Solid Workout Routine

  • Into as of Late: Shoe Dog - Phil Knight, plus Hiromi (several titles mentioned)

  • Dragon Dirt Smoothie Science: A Visual Approach to the Dragon Dirt Formula (and How it Came to Be)

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #5 (3-3-2021) - Crash!

  • Memoir: Crash!!! Surviving Near-death Near El Paso...

  • BR Health Beat - Edamame: It's What's for Snacking!

  • Dragon Dirt Community Featured Dirt-Drinker: E. Clint Allen (Quick Q&A)

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #6 (3-10-2021) - Are You Ready For This?

  • Musings: Are You Ready For This?

  • BR Health Beat: Plan on a Daily Workout... Even if it Doesn't Always Work Out!

  • Down & Dirty: Could this be the world's healthiest fruit?

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #7 (3-17-2021) - If You Will Indulge Me...

  • If You Will Indulge Me... (A Personal Message)

  • Dragon Dirt T-shirts on the Horizon!

  • Seen and Heard: A new book and podcast (that I'm in) that might be of interest...

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #8 (3-24-2021) - Run Your Race

  • Musings: Run Your Race

  • Found! More Rare Artifacts (of the VVI variety)

  • Dragon Dirt Community Featured Dirt-Drinker: Malcolm Gil (Quick Q&A)

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #9 (4-7-2021) - Crawling Toward Infamy

  • Your Future Self: A Journaling Exercise

  • Dragon Dirt Community Featured Dirt-Drinker: Pam Fogarty (Quick Q&A)

  • Preview from my upcoming book: Will Drum For Food - "The Auditorium"

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #10 (4-21-2021) - Let's Get Triggered!

  • Let's Get Triggered!: My personal obsession with blacklight posters

  • Rethinking Pushups

  • Down and Dirty: Exploring One of the Most Nutritious Leaves on the Planet

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #11 (5-5-2021) - A Road Dawg Remembered

  • A Road Dawg Remembered: Rest in peace, mighty Munch man!

  • Into as of Late: Moxy - Revisiting the classic hard rockers from Canada 

  • Down and Dirty: Feel the Power of the Golden Powder

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #12 (5-19-2021) - All Systems Rock!

  • In celebration of two key anniversaries this week, enjoy an excerpt from my memoir, The Boy Is Gonna Rock

  • Five Steps to More Training Intensity

  • Hot Links at Hand: Tons of New Tour Dates; Newsletter Archives; BR News Feed; Merch and Dirt

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #13 (6-2-2021) - The Silence is Deafening

  • The Silence is Deafening: Reflections on a Weekend of Primal Beauty and… Silence!

  • On the Road: First post-pandemic show with Lita Ford, coming right up this weekend

  • Down & Dirty: The Power is in the Pea

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #14 (6-16-2021) - The Great American, Grass Roots, Rockin' Road Warrior Dream

  • The Great American, Grass Roots, Rockin’ Road Warrior Dream: Another cool book excerpt from my upcoming memoir: Will Drum For Food

  • Get ready to feel the burn with: Five MORE Steps to Increased Training Intensity

  • Find it Fast: The main BR links in one place

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #15 (7-1-2021) - Who Needs Sleep

  • Who Needs Sleep? - Musings on the importance of sleep, and my longtime, highly-dysfunctional relationship with it. (A timely topic, given the post-covid return of road life!)

  • Dragon Dirt turns 6 months old!

  • July Tour Dates (with Lita Ford)

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #15B (7-7-2021) - Into The Void

  • Jumping Into the Void 

  • Count Reps, Not Time

  • A Year of Daily Meditation (on the horizon)

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #16 (7-15-2021) - This is Your Brain on Meditation

  • A Year of Daily Meditation - Just completed this goal this week and wanted to talk in a bit more detail about the upside of an undervalued practice.

  • Down and Dirty: “Blueberries on steroids!” Meet Maqui Berry… yet another super-potent fruit in Dragon Dirt

  • July Tour Dates (with Lita Ford)


The Bobby Rock Newsletter #17 (7-21-2021) - Going From Good To Great

  • Quick Tip on Protein Requirements

  • Ignoring Unvetted Criticism

  • Podcast Magic: Tim Ferris interviewing Jim Collins (Two Episodes)

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #18 (7-28-2021) - The Guy In Ratt

  • “The Guy in Ratt”- a rare, rhyming poem I wrote over 13 years ago. While I still find it amusing to revisit this particular juncture in the journey, I’m reminded of how, indeed, the rough times make us tougher and more resilient.

  • The Barrier: Why is it so hard to stick with those healthy new habits that we know we should be sticking to?

  • Your Higher Calling: A Journaling Exercise - This is a solid and (hopefully) inspiring contemplation! 

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #19 (8-5-2021) - A 35th Anniversary Special!

  • The VVI debut turns 35! - With a little then-and-now reflection...

  • First Thing in the Morning - Something helpful to kickstart another day of unparalleled creativity! (Or something like that…)

  • A B-12 Crash Course - Getting enough of this important nutrient.

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #20 (8-12-2021) - Your Gold Medal Moment

  • Your Gold Medal Moment: An Olympics-inspired contemplation worth contemplating!

  • Don’t Stop! How and why to make it through the uninspired workout.

  • Down & Dirty: Dragon Dirt ingredients spotlight on one of the most mysterious, potent, intriguing mushroom adaptogens on earth...


The Bobby Rock Newsletter #21 (8-18-2021) - Da Vinci Journal Syndrome

  • Into as of Late: My preoccupation with one killer drummer from Iran continues. I play his records in a loop at my desk, create intricate odd-meter practice pad routines to his solos, and even meditate to his music on occasion. Read on…

  • Book Excerpt: A da VInci-inspired piece from my book, Zentauria.

  • On Doing the Work: Musings on a famous Thoreau quote that is probably more relative today than it was 180 years ago when he wrote it.

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #22 (8-25-2021) - Solo Drumming in China 2019 - Observations and Reflections

  • Musings: Reflecting on the epic life experience of my 2019 solo drumming tour of China

  • A "Winning" Tip for Peak Performance: What can we learn from a world champion sharpshooting bad-ass? Plenty!

  • Down and Dirty: Dragon Dirt ingredients spotlight on one of the classic must-haves for anyone looking to up their nutrition game..

The Bobby Rock Newsletter #23 (9-1-2021) - The Game of Life

  • The Game of Life: A “four quarters” philosophy that you just might find useful.

  • Rumi Speaks: The wisdom of staying up all night… at least according to my biased interpretation of one of "the main man's" poems.

  • Water Works: A quick crash course in superior hydration... and a simple reminder to drink more water! Everything about your health and nutrition begins and ends here.