Bobby’s Super-Food Chain Nutrition concepts, Rock-Solid Fitness method of exercise, and powerful Mega Mind/Body Connect tools, all lead the way to an animal and earth-friendly approach to superior health and wellness. Let Bobby show you how to eat like a rhino, meditate like a monk and train like the devil!

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Three Life-Changing Nutritional Practices to Try Immediately

Superfood Smoothie Science: A Visual Approach to the Dragon Dirt Formula

Superfood Smoothie Science: Best Time To Consume?

Edamame: It’s What’s for Snacking!

The Barrier (to Superior Health)

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Four Factors in Creating YOUR Rock-Solid Workout Routine

Micro-Workouts for Improved Fitness and Conditioning

Plan on a Daily Workout... Even if it Doesn't Always Work Out!

Rethinking Pushups

Ten Steps to More Training Intensity

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Mind/Body Connection

The Silence is Deafening

This is Your Brain on Meditation

Who Needs Sleep?

Your "Mega Memory"


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