Superfood Smoothie Science: Best Time To Consume?

by Bobby Rock

Here's a "Down & Dirty" question is one I receive regularly:
When is the best time of day to enjoy my Dragon Dirt smoothie?
The short answer: The best time to have it is whatever time of day it's most likely for you to adopt it as part of your new routine. In general, healthy habits are formed when we can "ritualize" the new activity at around the same time each day so that it becomes a sustainable lifestyle change.

The longer answer: Here are some advantages to having the Dirt at various times of day...

The Best Breakfast - I've always preferred this high-octane type of smoothie for breakfast. You're taking in a ton of nutrition, in easy to assimilate, pulverized form, right after "fasting" through the night. It's a full meal's worth of macronutrients (protein, high-fiber carbs, and healthy fats) and basically a day's worth of micronutrients with all of the super greens, high-antioxidant fruits, and stress-busting herb and mushroom adaptogens. It's a great nutritional foundation for your day. And, if you have to miss it for breakfast, you still have the rest of the day to try and sneak it in.

Excellent for Pre-Workout
If you add the Dirt to a fruit smoothie as suggested, you're getting the same amount of high-fiber carbs that you would get in a bowl of oatmeal, which is an excellent amount to fuel a workout. Plus, the beet juice powder will raise the nitric oxide levels in your blood, which helps the arteries relax and promotes more efficient blood flow, which then heightens oxygenation and increases stamina. And, the cordyceps mushroom will jack up your ATP levels, which function as a sort of energetic catalyst to the cells... especially for those short-term burst-of-energy sequences in activities like sprinting and weight-training.

Great for Post-Workout
- We can always use a solid blast of protein after a workout, and the Dirt delivers with 18 grams. But we can also use some help with faster recovery, and for that we look to superfood ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. At the top of that list? C
herry juice powder and turmeric, both of which have some pretty decent science supporting their ability to ease soft tissue inflammation in the joints and around the body... so we can get back after it ASAP!
A Rock-Solid Lunch - If you tend to get busy in the middle of the day and don't always have time for a healthy lunch, the superfood smoothie might be your answer. Just sip on your Dirt and don't miss a beat. Too busy to stop and prepare your smoothie? No problem. Blend it in the AM, then take it with you in a tumbler or, better yet, a thermos (which won't even require refrigeration) and it will be ready when you are.

Late-Afternoon pre-Dinner - Yet another strategy would be to have your smoothie late afternoon as a pre-dinner... particularly when a large meal or massive "recreational" dinner is scheduled. The Dirt will curb your appetite and assist you in NOT overeating at that big dinner. 

Dirt for Dinner: And finally, the Dragon Dirt smoothie makes for a fantastic dinner on its own, simply because it's so filling, and yet so light on the digestive system, which is a plus for your impending bedtime later in the evening.


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