Plan on a Daily Workout... Even if it Doesn't Always Work Out!

by Bobby Rock

Some days, life happens and we don’t get around to our workout. This is a reality. So consider this: if you plan on training 7 days a week, life will happen and you will likely get 5 or 6—which is great. However, if you plan on training 5 days a week, you will often end up with 3 or 4. Not bad, but I say, let's shoot higher. And remember, a workout doesn’t have to be an epic 90-minute affair. 20 to 25 minutes (or less) all adds up over the long haul. (Remember the Micro-workout concept from Newsletter #1?)

I believe people's biggest resistance to this shorter workout idea is that it doesn't seem worth it. "Hell, if I can't get a full workout in, it will be a waste of time." Not true! You might not get a lot of quantifiable benefit from the short, easy workout if you evaluate it from a total increase in conditioning standpoint. But there is value in reinforcing the practice, the ritual, the habit, the lifestyle attribute, of moving your body, elevating the heart rate, and getting some increased range of motion happening—daily. If nothing else, it breaks that unfortunate multi-day streak of minimal movement that so many have defaulted to these days. And perhaps even more importantly, it preserves a sense of momentum in your regimen... as opposed to having yet another day off from training, which can often lead to another day off... which, well... we all know where missing multiple days in a row can lead us.

So let's plan on doing something—even a little something—every day.


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