An Extraordinary Gift!

by Bobby Rock

There’s an old adage among writers that goes like this: Writing a book is like raising a child… you can influence how they turn out, but they will have a mind of their own and evolve into their own unique identity—often in ways that might surprise you.

True, indeed. But the most poignant part of this adage, to me, is in the overriding comparison. Yes, our books are kind of like our children, and we will sweat blood in the process of their creation and development. My closest friends know this about me—and in many cases, know this about themselves—and the revelation of such led to a most extraordinary gift I received from two of them this week.

Mariana Tosca and Chris Johnson are long-time friends, creative juggernauts, fellow vegans, and exemplary humans. They dropped in on me this week with a Christmas gift of their own creation: a miniature, exacting replication of four of my books, stacked together in a holiday theme. Scope this shit out:

To see this thing in person is truly astounding. It measures 2.75" tall, just over 2.5" wide, and about 2" deep.  The details are crazy accurate: 

The opened-page inside of The Boy is Gonna Rock reveals an exact replication of those printed pages; The back cover of Zentauria (on the bottom) is also to spec; and there’s even steam coming out of the mug. Insane!

Anyway, just wanted to share it with you guys here, first. It has somehow been a bit emotional for me to relish this incredible gift, given all that it represents: enduring friendship, love of the work, and the joy of creative process.

Happy Holidays, no doubt!