Every Day is a Blessing

by Bobby Rock

I’m sure it’s somewhat of a cliche to say by now, but truly: 

Every Day is a Blessing. 

And not just the good days. Just being alive is a blessing… regardless of our current situation, even if it’s looking grim at the moment. Simply being around to endure and navigate the tough stuff is a blessing, because it is ALL part of the human experience.

This is why I honestly feel that we are all extremely fortunate to be here, right now, at this time, on planet earth. Yes, there is a lot of shit going down these days. But, that’s precisely what makes it all so exhilarating! We are all living a great story right now… and every great story has what? Conflict. Adversity. Resistance. Even what’s known in novel and screenwriting circles as “the all-is-lost moment.” We love that shit in our books, films, and even our sporting events. In fact, we won’t watch or read much of anything for long if there’s no conflict... or nothing at stake. Why? Because all of the struggle makes the inevitable resolution feel that much more triumphant.

And yet, we bitch about any form of conflict, resistance, or difficulty in our personal lives. This is crazy. Instead, we should be grateful that we’re still around and even able to engage some tough times here and there. It’s what makes "the story" compelling... especially when a difficult issue inevitably resolves. And remember: every issue inevitably resolves... one way or another. And our difficulties will only serve to make these resolutions that much more meaningful.

Which leads us to a couple easy things we can do to take this idea from theory to practice....


A (year-round) Thanksgiving Reflection to Try

Gratitude is universal, even in ancient Sanskrit teachings. (Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism and of historical texts of Buddhism and Jainism.)  But anyone of any (or no) spiritual orientation can benefit from this.  Here's the simple prompt:

Dhanya Vad: I feel gratitude.
{dahn-yah vahd}

When I'm grateful, I find grace. By looking for the blessings in my life, I open up a space of light in every experience; I open up the path for grace to flow. I make room in the middle of everything for gratitude.

That's it. Just a mental prompt. And second:

Daily Gratitude Medi

Here's an easy meditation that’s probably more of a visualization/affirmation kind of vibe. It will increase your resonance with gratitude and keep the daily grind in perspective.

You will simply perform the Counting Breaths mediation... with a twist. Here's a reminder of the Counting Breaths approach:

Find a quiet environment, then sit comfortably with your shoulders back and spine straight. 

2) Slowly take in a long, deep breath through the nose. At the top of the breath, hold for 2 or 3 seconds, then blow out slow and steady through your mouth as if you were blowing out a candle. The exhale should take slightly longer than the inhale.

3) As for the counting part of the process, I would suggest silently saying to yourself “one in” as you inhale, pause, then “one out” as you exhale. Then “two in” on the next inhale, pause, then “two out” on the exhale, etc. You can count to 10 and then start over, or keep going. Doesn’t matter. The practical function of counting at all is to keep the mind focused on something other than the constant swirl of thoughts in your head.

That's it.

Gratitude Variation

Before the first breath, think of something you’re grateful for, then say to yourself (for example), “One—I’m grateful for my excellent health” as you do your long inhale.  Then simply say, “Thank you” as you exhale. Next, you would say “Two—then state something else you’re grateful for and repeat this process all the way up to five. Takes 2 or 3 minutes.

Note: You can think of whatever you’re grateful for in the moment, no need to plan it out. It’s more about the authentic feeling of gratitude you conjure up on the spot. 

This is a game-changer, friends. Try it at least once a day for a week or two. You’ll feel it...