Superfood Smoothie Science: A Visual Approach to the Dragon Dirt Formula

by Bobby Rock

I thought I might take you guys behind the curtain today for a glimpse at what my "visual analysis" process looks like in analyzing other products in the market, and also in creating what I believe is the perfect superfood blend. I'm obviously not a graphics guy, but this is the kind of thing my poindexter ass would do in evaluating many of the available all-in-one meal replacement powders. Here is the process as applied to the Dirt.

To me, the three critical areas of analysis are:

1. Formula: This is the exact series of sub-blends that comprise the whole blend. I believe these four subs give us the most bang for the caloric buck. (Notice the "fifth blend" is created from ingredients that are already in the other four blends.)

2. Ingredients: This is all about the quality and quantity of the ingredients. Note: More ingredients are seldom a better idea, simply because the more you try to cram in there, the less of each ingredient is present in the final mix!

3. What's NOT in it: Here we evaluate how many added sweeteners, fillers, flavorings, emulsifiers, etc., are in the mix, and how much total "scoop real estate" they might take up.

Moving forward, I will be sharing more of this kind of analysis—especially as it pertains to other products out there—as a way of detailing my personal journey behind the who/what/why of creating Dragon Dirt. As usual, though, just wanted to share a bit of it with you guys here first.

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