The Bronze Bitch

by Bobby Rock

"A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words”

A reason to smile!

I recently ran across this photo, circa 1990. I was a Sonor artist at the time, and they had just sent me one of their coveted Signature Series, 8” x 14” solid bronze snares—an instrument of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. It weighed in at an ungodly 32 pounds and, as you might imagine, sounded like a fucking cannon going off.

It was my go-to snare for years, during the entire Nelson era and throughout all of those early clinic tours. And after a brief hiatus during the Peavey Radial Bridge hey-day—where I was using an equally-killer-but-in-different-ways custom-made 7” x 13” Bobby Rock model snare—this Sonor snare has been a part of the arsenal again since 2000. So I have three decades and counting with this instrument… but this was day one.

Today, the “Bronze Bitch” (as my tech Cubby and I have always referred to it) is one of two primary snares in my current “Alpha Kit,” along with that original BR snare: truly, the best of both worlds.

FYI, I also recently stumbled across this old-school ad for this drum. I believe it listed for something like $2400 back then. Yikes! (Thank God for endorsements...)


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