4-Voice Feet excerpt

From a solo drumming tour of China in 2019, at a smaller master class: Here’s a multi-foot pedal demonstration I did, where my feet are playing four different rhythms—on four different sound sources simultaneously—while my hands do some basic improvisation. Again, this class was mainly for more advanced players, and yet, I got the impression that they hadn’t seen much of this kind of thing before. Note: right foot plays two different rhythms on the bass drum and distortion hats; left foot plays two different rhythms on the main hi-hat and cowbell pedal (with the cowbell part doing a lightly randomized “&2&” / “&4&” rhythm; hands do some basic solo stuff around the kit.

To see the full clip with explanation (vid #8), or to scope more of this kind of thing, check out the Drum Vid Vault: https://www.bobbyrock.com/pages/drum-vid-vault-4