Drum Vid Vault 3

More Alphabet Drumming™ here, plus more misc woodshed and live stuff.



This groove is for my version of Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut,” which is set to appear on my next solo record: a Soundtrack for my book, The Boy Is Gonna Rock. And since it will be "an adventurous instrumental tribute to songs that inspired the story," what better way to make the tune’s infamous percussive middle section more “adventurous” than by playing an Alphabet Drumming groove that utilizes two relevant words: “Sabbath” and “Supernaut.”

Actually, this groove is indicative of how I usually stumble into new ideas on the alpha kit. In this case, I was jamming around with a Latin-linear funk-rock-type beat with the cowbell, thinking about the song… and the band… and I thought, Wow… Sabbath… Supernaut…. cool… hey, wait a minute. S-A-B-B-A-T-H. I played it. It sounded interesting. Then I incorporated it into the groove.  Same with S-U-P-E-R-N-A-U-T. Took a little wedging at first, but then, the two words brought in an interesting call-and-response kind of feel. It sounded very musical to me, so I kept it.

You might notice that this example is a bit under-tempo, but you'll get the idea:

Here is the original notation:

PS. The circled noteheads are viewed as additional sound sources, as opposed to additional letters: in this case, a "timbale" and a floor tom.


This is another practice room video of initially working out this Alphabet Drumming™ groove for the chorus of Twisted's "I Wanna Rock." I’m looking to include a funky instrumental interlude of this tune on my upcoming "The Boy Is Gonna Rock" soundtrack. Once again, this vid was never intended for public consumption... just a pre-production vid for my own reference (hence the typical self-scolding at the tail end!).

You’ll also notice that, at times, I will hit other lettered drums here or there—typically at the end of a phrase—to fill in a groove. But I’m viewing them more as a supporting sound source, as opposed to a letter integral to the spelling of something. After all, the Alphabet Drumming™ concept is just a means to a greater end: different-sounding shit!

PS. And yes, the kick drums were always meant to be used for fill-in notes (or ostinatos in a solo situation), since they don’t represent any letters. This was by design…




Here's a little snippet from a few years back, working on some odd-note phrasings. The time remains "in 4," but I'm experimenting mainly with some 5-note groupings to create some tension. Just fucking around... but that's how we improve,  right?



From a Lita Ford show in Lorraine, OH. Full moon, summer night, mild breeze... someone in our crew (not sure who) caught a few seconds from this perfect angle. These are the nights I never forget...



A little fun and games during the drum solo at a Lita Ford show last July, at The Marks and Harrison Pavilion in Ashland, VA.