Drum Vid Vault 3

More Alphabet Drumming™ here, plus more misc woodshed and live stuff.


This is another practice room video of initially working out this Alphabet Drumming™ groove for the chorus of Twisted's "I Wanna Rock." I’m looking to include a funky instrumental interlude of this tune on my upcoming "The Boy Is Gonna Rock" soundtrack. Once again, this vid was never intended for public consumption... just a pre-production vid for my own reference (hence the typical self-scolding at the tail end!).

You’ll also notice that, at times, I will hit other lettered drums here or there—typically at the end of a phrase—to fill in a groove. But I’m viewing them more as a supporting sound source, as opposed to a letter integral to the spelling of something. After all, the Alphabet Drumming™ concept is just a means to a greater end: different-sounding shit!

PS. And yes, the kick drums were always meant to be used for fill-in notes (or ostinatos in a solo situation), since they don’t represent any letters. This was by design…




Here's a little snippet from a few years back, working on some odd-note phrasings. The time remains "in 4," but I'm experimenting mainly with some 5-note groupings to create some tension. Just fucking around... but that's how we improve,  right?



From a Lita Ford show in Lorraine, OH. Full moon, summer night, mild breeze... someone in our crew (not sure who) caught a few seconds from this perfect angle. These are the nights I never forget...



A little fun and games during the drum solo at a Lita Ford show last July, at The Marks and Harrison Pavilion in Ashland, VA.