Drum Vid Vault 1

As the old Chinese proverb goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." In this section of the site—Drum Vid Vault—I will endeavor to post a shit-ton of my personal collection of practice room vids, along with a reasonable archive of live drumming vids and... well... anything else along these lines.

Let's begin with some of the earliest stuff I could find on the Alpha kit (at least in a format that is currently playable!) Here's a jamming-around excerpt from a larger clip (circa fall 2012):


In terms of this Alpha Kit's evolution, this was right after adding a front portion to the kit to make it a 360 design. Why? Two reasons: 1) At the time, I figured if I ever played live with the kit, I wouldn't want my back to the audience the whole show, and 2) I figured having a more conventional set-up (the front-facing portion) would give me a chance to play more conventionally when appropriate... the best of both worlds, I suppose.

Here's a quick video tour of the original 360 set-up:


As a quick point-of-reference, here's a recent walk-around tour of the kit for comparison. This has been the set-up for a number of years now:


By the way, here's the initial incarnation of the kit, which was built around the 26 drums representing the alphabet.


At first, I was just going to memorize which letter went with each drum. But not only was this impossibly arduous, but it also took away any prayer of contextualizing what I was playing for a viewer! So, as of Feb 2014, I started adding alphabet decals on the underside of each head. Also, the split-second eye-hand connection of being able to read each letter proved to be critical in playing certain alphabet drumming phrases with any degree of speed.

Oh... one more oddball video. This one I did throw out there some years ago. But it was just of me playing the "timbale" side of the kit on the original configuration above. I was fucking around one night and happened to film it. I posted it with not much thought... but would never post another playing vid from the big kit for nearly a decade! Again... no idea why.